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Import & export 2D CAD files:Importing or exporting CAD files lets you work on the same drawing or files between AutoCAD and other CAD programs. For example, you can use AutoCAD for your wireframe house design and then export that design for use in other CAD programs.Or if you’ve designed a 2D sketch for the website and you want to import that sketch for use in the 3D model, you can use AutoCAD to bring the sketch into your 3D model.You can do this on both Windows and Mac systems. (note: CAD files created in other CAD programs cannot be imported or exported in AutoCAD, but you can copy and paste CAD text or 3D models into other CAD programs.)Importing, exporting and importing CAD files are a great way to keep your designs in sync across different applications.Plot Scaling:Plot Scaling is a powerful feature that lets you quickly and easily scale 2D drawings with both multiple and non-multiple scaling options.Multiple-scale plots combine the best attributes of both plot types, quickly and easily showing a two-dimensional object in its original size or in any of several scaled versions.Non-multiple-scale plots display objects at a specific scale for a quick visual look. With both types of plots, you can change the plot and plot properties, and you can easily create and maintain the scale-option settings you choose.For example, you can plot a complex series of points in an exact location and then quickly change the scale to show the points at an increased or decreased size.You can also use the Plot Scaling feature to quickly create a duplicate plot showing the same object in multiple scales. That way, you can compare the original plot to the duplicates.You can select points, lines, text, images or shapes to plot, and you can either plot them all or keep them separate.Smart Guides:Use Intelligent Guides to quickly see the relationship of one object to another in the drawing.Visual feedback shows you where the two objects intersect and let’s you line them up so they look correct.You can create guides with optional snap to guide style and you can use guides to define the distance, angle and other parameters between two objects. You can create multiple guides on a single line and you can add 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [2022-Latest]

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