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Things I'm Loving While Staying at Home

Typically a person always on the move, this time at home has not been easy however it has given me the opportunity to rest, reflect and prepare for the next chapter in life. Even at home my days are filled to the brim with making selections, creating presentation boards, overseeing virtual installations and more. We have been lucky enough to have the ability to give you more information on our website. Check out our recently updated services page which includes our welcome packet. We also have been hard at work making sure all of our products are available for purchase on the Megan Molten Shop. I hope you have had a chance to take advantage of our weekly collections sales!

With a bit more free time on my hands I am finally able to share with you all things I am loving while staying at home. Typically you can find my favorite products on my amazon store or LiketoKnowit. Today I am breaking down all my must haves from fashion, beauty, pregnancy and more!

Not your Mothers Dry Shampoo- This has always been my favorite. I wash my hair every other day so this refreshes it perfectly in between- plus you can't beat the price!

Teleties- My hair is pretty much in a bun every single day at this point and Teleties are my favorite. I learned about how great they are when Teleties became a new client of ours this year. They sent a bunch for us to try and we are all obsessed!

Sara Happ Lip Gloss- the only makeup I've been wearing with my tined moisturizer

Love, Beauty and Planet Lotion- this was a Target pick up and I'm in love with the scent! It's so good so I've been using this recently as my everyday lotion.

Intellishade Matte Tined Moisturizer- I've been using this for years! It's super light weight and has SPF 45. This is the only make up I've been wearing with lip gloss recently. I apply it with my fingers and then blend with a beauty blender.

Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath & EO Body Oil- Lavender Everything-I've been obsessed with Lavender lately. I guess b/c sleeping has become a little more challenging being pregnant and of course the anxiety of what's going on in the world today. I have been taking baths before bed and using Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath in Lavender and then slathering on EO Body Oil in Lavender. Lots of lavender smells going on before I go to bed but I'm convinced it's helping me!

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask & Lip Sleeping Mask- I slather these on every night. They smell so good and you wake up with the softest skin and lips.

Tie Dye Leggings- Since basically I'm only wearing tees, tanks, sweats and leggings-Target came to the rescue! I found some super cute leggings that are so soft and comfy for lounging.

Bike Shorts- I actually bought a couple pairs of the bike shorts because apparently they are back in style and this mama's not pulling off any cut offs right now! They do look super cute with longer tee's when it's hotter out.

Short Sleeve Sweatshirt- I love this Target find! I pair this short sleeve sweatshirt with my leggings and biker shorts for ultimate comfort that is still cute!

Adidas Cheetah Sneakers- Live in these! We have been taking walks every afternoon and these are my go to. So light weight, comfy and cute! Plus I wear cheetah with everything so they are my favorite!

Z-Supply T-Shirts- My favorite t-shirts always! Even while I'm preggo they are still long enough. They are really thin which is perfect for hotter weather and have a deep v and pocket which is cute with layered necklaces.

Amazon Leggings- There are two I alternate between- My Leggings Depot ones are super soft and buttery and best for lounging. By far my go to lately since I don't leave the house:) I've bought three pairs! My Colorful Koala ones are super soft but are more moisture wicking material like activewear. They are so comfortable too and yes- I have three pairs also:)

Slip Sleep Mask- Once you try one of these you will never go again without it! I need pitch black to sleep and although we have black out curtains our room still gets little lights and this mask just did the trick. I also love how it feels like nothing on your head and face.

Fuzzy Slippers- The best amazon find! Such a good deal and I live in them all day long.

Target Stars Above Sleepwear- I have been living in this stuff since I bought my first piece last fall. Seriously the softest ever. I have several sets, sleepshirts, nightgowns and sleeveless nightgowns. I also love their white cozy short robe- I alternate between this one and my mason grey one.

Mason Grey Robe- My favorite robe I've ever owned! I bought this after seeing several influencers wearing it and raving and they were right. It's so soft and I love the longer length.

Pregnancy Pillow- Another third trimester purchase when sleeping became uncomfortable. This was highly recommended from every pregnant person I know! I can't sleep without it now- total game changer!

Maternity tie dye sweatshirt- Another awesome Target find. This sweatshirt is maternity although I don't think you have to be pregnant to wear it, it's just longer than normal.

Nursing Bras- Another item I can't live without are these nursing bras I bought- again I don't think you have to be nursing to wear them. I honestly didn't even realize they were nursing bras- I thought they just looked super comfy to wear while I'm pregnant and they are!

Maternity Tank Tops- these are the best because they are super long and soft. I'm obsessed and this is all I've been wearing.

Mustela Cream- I've been using this my entire pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. So far so good but I guess we will know the results after she's here! It came highly recommended from France and I love anything French beauty so I gave it a shot.

Books- I've read more than ever since being pregnant and two books I highly recommend are Moms on Call and What to Expect When You're Expecting. These came highly recommended to me from a lot of moms and for good reason! We are going to try to implement the Moms on Call schedule as much as possible after our little girl is here.

Bed Tray- Never in a million years would I think I would have one of these but after I hit the third trimester and could not get comfortable no matter where I sat- my husband suggesting a tray I could prop up in the bed, on the sofa, in my glider in the nursery and it's helped me so much! It keeps my head level so I'm not hunched over my computer and allows me to work from more comfortable spots around my home. I'm not gonna lie-I've eaten a few meals off of it too on the sofa and it's kind of amazing! Being pregnant and quarantined I get excused:)

Nest Orange Blossom Candle- Ever since we got back from Palm Springs for our baby moon I've been obsessed with orange blossom. The trees there were all in bloom so we could smell it everywhere we went. It's so yummy and this candle is the best I've found! Makes your entire house smell good.

Incense- I am loving incense before bed. I never burned incense but my husband introduced me to it and something about the lavender smell is so calming and soothing when you're trying to fall asleep-highly recommend trying it! If we don't burn incense-we usually burn my Diptyque Lavender candle- it's just as yummy if you're not into incense.

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery and Hello Fresh -We could not live without these right now! This is how we have been getting all of our groceries and meals right now. I'm so thankful. We have been Hello Fresh fans the longest time now and the meals are always the perfect amount for two people and so good. We never have leftovers or more ingredients than we need which I love- they are quick to make and easy clean up. I had no idea we could order Whole Foods via Amazon Prime until all of this started. Now that we do- I don't know if I'll ever go back! It's pretty amazing having your groceries dropped at your front door.

Stay safe friends and happy at home shopping!



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