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Backyard Makeover By Belgard

Once Hugh and I purchased the ModPod we knew we eventually wanted to put in a pool. Summers in the lowcountry are HOT and we absolutely love being outdoors swimming and cooling off on the water or in a pool. Our yard has the perfect spot for a pool where we can enjoy hanging out at home as a young family for years to come.

I was invited to visit the HGTV Dream Home on Hilton Head Island and absolutely fell in love with the pool and hardscaping design. Belgard used faux grass and pavers to create a patio around the pool. I have been spotting this trend and was thrilled to see how truly beautiful it looks in person. I love the idea of having a grassy area and not being limited to a huge pool deck.

I immediately snapped some photos and told Hugh one of my favorite design elements of the HGTV Dream Home has to be the faux grass combined with pavers.

As the ModPod indoor renovations have continued, we have had the pool in our minds as a future project to complete.

Hugh and I decided to take a trip to the fabulous Palm Springs for a babymoon before welcoming Marion to our family. We had such a great trip and often think back on it for design inspiration. We loved the style and culture around Palm Spring and were especially intrigued by the outdoor spaces. We fell in love with the pools and landscaping we saw!

I also loved the earthy plants and greenery chosen around their landscaping. I plan to put large succulents, agave plants and palms around our pool as well.

Here is an initial sketch of our plans for the pool area of our yard:

We plan to work with Belgard to accomplish my vision of a hardscape faux grass and pavers similar to the HGTV Dream Home yard! My favorite pavers are the, Turin Porcelain in Frost. I plan to also use the Eastwood Coping in Grey as lining around the pool. Stay tuned for updates as we take the next steps in bringing our backyard dreams to fruition!



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