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Historic Summerville Project

The Historic Summerville Project is one that I am especially proud of. We worked on many rooms in this home to modernize yet preserve the beauty of the spaces. We brought in lots of color, fun light fixtures, wallpaper, furniture, draperies, artwork, and decorative accessories to complete the project. Check out the design planning and before and after photos of the dining room, living room, hallway, entryway and porch of this gorgeous historic home!

During our initial on-site client consultation we take photos and measurements of the space as well as notes on spacial planning. We then create a furniture plan for each space laying out how the furniture will fit in the room.

We create presentation boards for our clients to visualize the selections we made for their home. We present the plan showing the items together as well as in a completed space. After reviewing with our clients we make any adjustments needed and order the furniture and lighting selections.

Taking a look back at before and after photos is so rewarding! The dining room at the Historic Summerville project felt dated and bare. We added amazing wallpaper by Jennifer Latimer which modernized the space and brought a fun aspect to the design. We added in a stunning beaded chandelier and the colorful artwork, Romas Gin Fizz by Katherine Freeman which is available on our shop!

Making simple changes such as adding draperies and upholstered dining chairs softened the space. We kept the historic elements which make this home so special such as the decorative panel molding, hardwood flooring and antique tile fireplace.

The living room was already a beautiful shade of blue (Notable Hue by Sherwin Williams) which we loved and decided to keep in the design. We made some adjustments to the furniture adding in the Megan Swivel Chair in a whimsical fabric with a side table, pillows by Emily Daws Textiles to freshen up the sectional, and console tables to fill the space behind the sectional with lamps and decorative accessories.

The living room also had built in shelving which is always a favorite styling opportunity for the MM dream team! We pulled together our favorite bowls, boxes, objects, jars and frames to create a finished look.

The crisp white hallway and entryway were also areas we improved. We added a beautiful gold light fixture to compliment the hints of gold finishes used throughout the home. We chose the artwork, Roll Peacefully by Charleston artist, Danielle Cather-Cohen as the bright colors and shades of blues played nicely off the dining room wallpaper and living room hues. Our Andrea Lamps complete the chest in the hallway.

We styled the entryway with a chest and gorgeous acrylic and gold mirror. The area is completed with a vintage rug, a plant and decorative accessories.

The nook by the stairwell served as a catchall space for the family. We cleaned this area up by adding a bench with pillows and large storage baskets. Sometimes the smallest changes make all the difference! Creating useful vignettes in these little areas of the home help to prevent clutter and make the space seem more put together and therefore meaningful.

Maybe my favorite area of the Historic Summerville project is the showstopper porch! Having a wrap around porch is such a dream in the lowcountry. We work to make your outdoor spaces feel complete by creating small living areas.

Using a furniture plan for the porch is especially useful as we want to maximize the space and create as many vignettes as possible. We added in a bench rocker, handing swing, double rocking chairs and a joggling board (so Charleston!). We layer each look with pillows, side tables, planters and lots of plants! I even incorporated an outdoor rugs with the hanging swing to create the ultimate outdoor living area!

The Historic Summerville project encompassed everything I love about working in the lowcountry! From the historic elements of the dining room to the gorgeous porch, our goal is to bring these homes back to life with a fresh look!

If you are interested in learning more about our design packages, check out the services page on our website which includes our welcome packet. Please feel free to fill out our design inquiry form to see if we are a good fit for your next project!



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