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Graceful Spaces Takes on The Mod Pod

Recently I have been cleaning and reorganizing our entire house! I guess you could say I've got the spring cleaning fever. I decided to partner with the team over at Graceful Spaces to go through my kitchen, pantry and office areas to clean out and label/organize everything and they did not disappoint! These ladies take professional organization to a whole new level. As an extremely organized person myself, I was curious to see how their services could really change the way we operate in home. This luxury service prioritizes function in your home in a way that makes the most sense for how you truly use it. They create systems that seamlessly blend with your aesthetic utilizing space-saving pieces and determining dedicated zones.

I honestly wish each and every one of our clients would hire this team to come in and assist with organization. What I found most impressive is the level of detail and thought behind each decision they make in regards to placement. For example, placing coffee and coffee mugs in hands reach of the coffee maker. Simple yet meaningful changes that assist with the functionality of your kitchen, office or any space throughout the home.

Some highlights from our kitchen are the amazing safe-saving tools they incorporated into our space such as plastic drawer organizers to make everything stowed away as beautiful as what is placed out to see! Having spices and kitchen utensils on hand and easy to identify makes cooking much more enjoyable and efficient.

Graceful Spaces also helped identify ways in which we can maximize the efficiency of items placed out on the countertops. For example, utilizing items from our shop I have in our kitchen such as the round marble tray to hold items Hugh uses each night while cooking! We placed our salt and pepper mills, oil cruet and the marble bowl with brass spoon (we use for pink sea salt) on the marble tray for easy access to transport around the kitchen while making dinner.

A challenge for us has always been the fact that we do not have a traditional pantry. Graceful Spaces used the cabinetry we have combined with plastic bins and shelves to create a perfectly organized space that makes SO MUCH SENSE! Some pantry essentials are the clear decanters and acrylic canisters which maximize space and helps to monitor levels and keep things stocked. I also am in love with the labels. Being able to grab what we need in a glance is so helpful and keeps us from having to spend time rooting for that one item we need!

The Graceful Spaces team also took on our home office. This space has been so important as Hugh and I run our design business together and have young babies. We love that we can spend time creating and working together inside of our home. When designing the space we added lots of custom cabinetry as we knew we needed storage space for everything including bills, paperwork, our printer, camera equipment and office supplies. We also love to entertain and use the cabinetry in our office to hold extra serving pieces and glassware.

A priority when organizing this space was to maximize the vertical space while also keeping elements of style that reflect the design of our home. Graceful Spaces added in gorgeous linen boxes with leather handles and labels so we know exactly what is inside. They placed our coffee table books, gold office accessories and Hugh's camera equipment out on the shelves to keep the overall look within our creative style.

Graceful Spaces added lots of inserts into our deep drawers as well as multipurpose bins with labels to create intentional categories to hold everything from paperclips to computer cords.

Organization is all about creating functional zones that maximize space and blend seamlessly with the style of the home. I love how Graceful Spaces was able to elevate our space while keeping our aesthetic and making the interior "hidden" spaces as beautiful as what is out for everyone to see.

If you are working on a new build or looking to organize your home, I highly recommend reaching out to the Graceful Spaces team! Learn more about their services and how they can help!




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