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January Amazon Round-Up

A couple days late- from kids fashion, home, beauty, and everything in between I am so excited to share what I have been loving from Amazon this past month! I wanted to make sure this list truly includes items I can't live without. Find all the details below:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I stare at a computer screen all day working on projects, and answering emails. These Blue Light glasses are adorable and save my eyes! They are only $15 and are available in an array of colors. I have the nude pair shown here.

Diva Glamorous Wash Detergent

This stuff is the BEST- I recently started using it this past month on my blankets and bedding. You just add a little of this laundry detergent to your washer and it makes the entire load smell heavenly. I would describe the smell very clean with touches of floral and amber. I recommend using it with a non-scented free and gentle light detergent for best results.

BISSELL Little Green Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

I get asked all the time what my go-to is for keeping upholstery and carpets clean. Especially white! Having two littles girls this portable carpet and upholstery cleaner is a lifesaver. It does all the work for you all you have to do it bring it to the stain or spill!


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