Mitzi x Megan Molten Lighting Collection

It truly feels like Christmas morning! This collection has been 2 years in the making, I cannot believe launch day is finally here...

Image Details: The Mica

The first thing I did when I began this journey of creating the Megan Molten x Mitzi lighting collection was gather inspiration from photos and my past design projects. I wanted the collection to be a reflection of my brand aesthetic; light, bright, airy modern coastal. When drawing the sketches of each lighting fixture I kept a designer's perspective in mind. What would I want to use in my design projects to elevate a space? But also allow consumers worldwide to purchase and bring the Megan Molten look into their homes.

Image Details *in order: The Maisie, The Minnie, The Mariana, The Margaret

The materials selected and incorporated for this collection are all seen throughout the spaces I design. They are my favorite go to materials! Glass, white plaster, terrazzo, shells and woven textures to give you that modern coastal look. Bringing the laid-back and happy feelings you experience on the water to a home anywhere in the world.

Image Details: The Mimi

I always tell clients that lighting is so important in your home because it is like the jewelry of your home. It is what sparkles shines and leaves a lasting impression! Lighting is one of the best investments you could ever make. If you have fabulous lighting in your home that is what people are going to come in and remember.

Image Details: The Maisie

I hope y'all love this collection as much as I have loved creating it. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have an opportunity like this to share a little piece of what I love so much with the world. Every space I design truly brings me joy and a sense of ease. I hope these lighting fixtures can bring those same amazing feelings into your home.

xx, Megan

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