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Mod Pod Pool Pad Updates + Belgard® Product Selections

We have been working on a special project here at Megan Molten - in my backyard! The, “Mod Pod Pool Pad” was designed by Hugh’s dad, a retired architect. This pool house will be unlike any other. We wanted it to be unique and modern while mirroring the design aesthetic inside our home.

Living in the Lowcountry choosing finishes and furnishings inspired by Belgard’s 2023 colors of the year was a no-brainer. These two colors were inspired by nature- perfect for my outdoor space. Tidepool, a deep teal, and Seagrass, a soft sage green, represent the connection between land and sea while creating a soothing sense of calmness.

You will find these colors incorporated throughout the entire space. Whether the colors are on the fabric of a pillow, greenery, or a throw blanket.

Our backyard, as you can see when we purchased the home needed some extra love and care. This project we took on may intimidate the average buyer- it was the opposite for me. I was excited! Pulling inspiration over the past couple of years, I had a vision. I knew I wanted to install pavers not only because they look beautiful but are low-maintenance. In addition to the pavers, we installed turf. I am so happy with how it turned out!

Sneak Peek at the Pool House!

Turf Installation Progress

Belgard has a variety of pavers to select from. After some research, I knew I wanted to use a paver in the Porcelain family. Outdoor porcelain pavers are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. We decided to go with the Quarziti 2.0 style. I love how the Glacier color looks similar to sand and other natural elements you find by the sea. This style resembles a natural stone. The added texture looks amazing but also is slip-resistant. Perfect for our family!

Paver Installation Progress

We still have some final touches were waiting on. Although, it has come together so beautifully! We were lucky enough to celebrate the girl's birthday and use our new outdoor entertaining space! I cannot wait to share the final reveal of the Mod Pod Pool Pad very soon. Keep checking back for more updates!

xx, Megan



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