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Modern Holiday Tablescape

Are you hosting a holiday dinner party? The key to implementing a festive holiday tablescape is all in the details. This tablescape takes a modern, dynamic approach, playfully incorporating contrast throughout the design.

The first, most important step when designing a tablescape is selecting the linen and chairs. I went with an elegantly bold table linen (Femme Domino by Stradley Davidson) that also creates an inviting atmosphere. The abstract motif can also be seen as a woman’s silhouette, creating an element of drama. I chose transparent “ghost” chairs so that they would essentially disappear, allowing the linen to peek through.

Your plates, flatware, napkins, and glassware all go hand-in-hand. This tabletop featured a gold charger topped with a matte-black plate and our Glass Plate with Gold Rim from the shop. I selected gold flatware to match the charger and pair alongside our Glass Napkin Rings from the shop. The napkins incorporated are the Glen Linen Napkins from the shop, my go-to. For glassware, I chose to style a water, wine, and champagne glass onto the tablescape to accommodate the beverages served throughout the evening. These glasses are part of our Bandol glass collection; the ridges create a soft texture and an elegant addition to the tablescape.

Lighting the tablescape is crucial to creating a moody atmosphere. As the sun goes down, it is essential to consider lighting the area enough for your guests to be able to see and enjoy their meal. I decided to use our transparent Amin Glass Candle Holders and 18-inch black candles in addition to smaller tea lights in glass holders. As the sun set, the candles created a soft glow that brought a cozy holiday feel to the table.

Image Details: Butterfly Clip Ornament

Each element came together with the final details - the floral and decor. With our holiday tablescape, I chose to have Anemones scattered throughout the table in vintage glass vases. We even added varying sizes of Treasure Mountain Trees, our main holiday-themed element. Placed at each place setting was a gold holiday popper, a custom menu design, and one of our Paper Butterfly Clip-On Ornaments. These final details nicely tied everything together and made the tabletop feel more festive.

Photography: Margaret Wright // Catering: Hamby Catering

That concludes our 2022 holiday dinner party guide - I hope you feel inspired to create your magical tablescape and have a wonderful holiday season! xx, Megan



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