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My Paint Collection with Sherwin Williams

I get asked all the time on Instagram, "What paint color is that?". As a designer, it is important to me that I'm continually stepping out of the box and trying new things. This mindset has led to my color palette expanding. When I began my design career, I wanted everything white, light, bright, and airy! Don't get me wrong- I still love a white space. Recently, I have started to branch out and gravitate towards deep blues, shades of green, pink, and neutral paint colors.

Image Details: Curating the Sherwin Williams x Megan Molten Paint Collection

Paint color sets the backdrop for the room. It is the easiest way to transform or refresh a space. With so many options selecting a paint color can be intimidating. This difficult process gave me the idea to create my own colors. With the help of Sherwin Williams my vision became a reality!

Megan Molten White

My journey in creating this color collection all started with Megan Molten White. As I mentioned earlier, when I first started designing white was my go-to paint color. I often had a hard time finding the perfect shade. The white options available may look gorgeous in one space but completely different in another. This problem led to the creation of Megan Molten White. This shade doesn't have too many cool or yellow undertones, it refreshes any space! Below are some of my favorite projects where we used Megan Molten White.

Feeling inspired I wanted to create more colors for my future projects. I am so excited to share the paint collection I curated with Sherwin Williams.

The Megan Molten Paint Collection

Image Details: Sherwin Williams x Megan Molten Paint Collection

To bring these colors into your home all you have to do is bring the ticket to your local Sherwin Williams store. I can't wait to see how y'all incorporate these paint colors into your home!

xx, Megan


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