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Project Reveal: Coastal Cool

Imagine waking up and being able to have coffee on not one but two inviting porches located just off a stunning marsh. Our latest design project, “Coastal Cool” is the epitome of outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

Several rooms inside this lovely home were part of an earlier project; the completion of the porches was our “Phase 3”. Several of our clients choose to complete their projects in phases - and in this project we were able to rephotograph the dining room, which was completed in an earlier phase.

Dive into this stunning pool and come up to a breathtaking view of the South Carolina marsh. We made sure to include several lounge chairs and tables so that our client could enjoy their beautiful pool and make the most of the sunny spot. Umbrellas are a must!

On the pool-facing covered patio, we styled a relaxed yet elevated lounge area so that our clients could face out towards the pool and the marsh. We chose several muted furniture pieces and accompanied them with blue and green colorful outdoor throw pillows. Just off the side of this seating area lies a relaxed yet chic dining set up. This spot is perfect for a quick mid-day lunch or for entertaining a happy hour.

And up the stairs is a peaceful screened-in porch which includes another lounge area facing the marsh as well as a seating area and an outdoor television. We added black poufs which are perfect to allow extra seating. Throughout the porch, we scattered a mix of faux greenery, with several Birds of Paradise to provide a more tropical feel while not requiring maintenance.

Additionally there are several dual-chair moments - the perfect location for reading or sipping a glass of wine with a friend.

Be sure to check out @MeganMolten on Instagram for even more of our Coastal Cool project!


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