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The Perfect Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring is in full bloom here in Charleston! I love to have a fresh, beautiful arrangement in my home.

Image Details: Photographer Margaret Wright

I am so excited to break down one of my favorite arrangements I have put together this season and share all the details.

You can't ever go wrong with a classic glass vase. A glass vase is timeless, traditional and looks great in any space.

The first step in my floral arranging process is to decide on a vase. I used the popular Zurich vase for this arrangement. After choosing a vase, I decide on the color scheme I want to incorporate.

I love to go heavy on the greenery, especially with my favorite, Palms! I wanted to mix it up and add traditional spring flowers. Such as Tulips, Snapdragons, and Hydrangeas to bring in a pop of pink and periwinkle blue.

The goal was to keep it simple and add a hint of color and a touch of tropical flair. This style may not be for everyone and that is ok! I have included some additional inspiration below:

Floral Inspiration

I always prefer florals with varying heights. I then cut the stems and set the florals outside the vase to envision what placement looks best.

Next, I taped the vase in a crisscross pattern to help hold the stems in place. A simple process but allows your arrangement to look like a professional made it.

Next, I begin placing the tallest and largest florals in the back. The Monsteras leaves, Bells of Ireland, and Snapdragons go in first. Then I add in White Dendrobium- these are a new favorite! I adore how tropical they look and the height they provide.

Next, I strategically place the pink Tulips throughout the arrangement and finish, with classic white Hydrangeas in the front. I love all the texture and fullness they provide.

This arrangement I arranged this with all the fresh flowers. Although, I try to incorporate faux stems whenever I can. Leaves, palms, branches, and everything in between. Shop faux stems and recreate this gorgeous spring arrangement just in time for the season below!

xx, Megan



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