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The Tilly Transformation

I have shared lots of details of the inside of the Mod Pod {a term we dubbed our family's home during the renovation process}; however, I have yet to share the exciting work we have completed to the exterior of our home with the help of Tilly! One of the first things that drew us to the property was the sharp lines of the house and fact that it could be modern which matched our desired design aesthetic. With a fresh color palate ~ a coat of white paint, black trim and some updated lighting, we created an entirely new look for the exterior of our home.

We immediately felt the landscaping was severely lacking and needed a complete overhaul. We wanted the yard to feel super tropical and lush with lots of layers. Call in Tilly, online landscape design professionals who worked one on one with us to create a custom plan for our yard! Having our own design firm, young babies and a busy schedule we loved that Tilly lets you do things on your own timeframe. Some aspects we wanted to tackle right away such as the front yard landscaping (curb appeal!) while others we needed more time to brainstorm and map out ~ stay tuned for our new pool and backyard overhaul coming soon! Even though we planned to do this project in phases, it has been wonderful to have a blueprint on how to get it all done. We love that Tilly is women owned and founded by a landscape architect. They have modernized traditional landscape design at a fraction of the cost and provide their clients with custom, thorough and unique plans.

Check out the before & after photos of our front yard to see how we took the Mod Pod from a sparse situation to a bright, green, luscious oasis with help from the Tilly team!



I am especially in love with the tropical feel we brought in with layers of banana trees and palms!

Tilly provided us with key tools to help our vision of the space come to life. One of the major elements of the project is the planting plan. This maps out quantity, type of plants as well as where to plant them. I love that they worked in some of our existing plants as we had already made some improvements on our own. The amount of detail Tilly provides makes it easy to understand and in turn execute.

Planting Plan

To make things even clearer, our designer included images of each plant so we could visualize and make necessary adjustments to the plan!

Plant Images

We were also given a layout and lighting plan. We loved having everything laid out clearly to define our space and what we needed and where. Seeing the space in this way makes it easier to land on decisions.

Layout Plan

We are also ALL about lighting! Receiving a lighting plan was super exciting as we knew illuminating our yard at night is a priority.

Lighting Plan

I love that Tilly also provided us with lighting concept images to assist in visualizing the different types of exterior lighting and how we plan to incorporate it into our yard.

Lighting Concept Images

By far the most exciting and helpful piece of this project has been the stunning 3D images! Seeing our home and the completed landscaping in this view really gave us the confidence to follow through with the plans. We are so happy with how it turned out!

3D Images

Stay tuned for phase two as we tackle our backyard. We are currently in the process of putting in our pool and are thrilled to see this next step come to fruition! For now here is a preview of the 3D images provided by Tilly of the area to give you an idea of what we are working on.

From start to finish, our yard has been a labor of love. We are big believers that landscaping completely changes the overall look and feel of a home. I love that Tilly is an affordable and convenient option for those looking to take the first step in a seemingly overwhelming process. With the Tilly team's expert landscape designers you are sure to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams!




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