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Tips + Tricks: Selecting a Ceiling Fan

I get asked all the time, what is my go-to ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are typically an eye-sore in a room and distract from the beautiful space. With so many options on the market, it can be an overwhelming choice. Many design projects later, I have finally found an option that you can incorporate seamlessly in any space. The Roto Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire is minimal, sleek and available in several colors and sizes.

Projects I Have Used This Ceiling Fan

I love to use the Flat White finish indoors because it blends with the ceiling and the overall room design. One of my biggest tips is to stay away from ceiling fans with overhead lighting- it is often harsh and distracting. Recess lighting lining the perimeter of the room and lamps are all the lighting you need.

If your house has black exterior details, similar to the home pictured above, the Coal with Coal finishes compliments nicely. This ceiling fan is made from Aluminum making it super durable and perfect for your outdoor area.

Lastly, I will occasionally incorporate a ceiling fan with a brass finish. The brass brings a touch of luxury to the space and elevates the room. To avoid the "strobe effect" measuring the space before selecting a size is a must. You don't want the fan panels to cross the recess lighting path!

I hope this information makes shopping for a ceiling fan a little less stressful!

xx, Megan


Photography: Margaret Wright


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