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Tips + Tricks: Holiday Floral Arrangement

Putting together a festive floral arrangement can be intimidating. When creating holiday arrangements for my home this year, it was important to me to keep the “Very Mod Pod Christmas” theme in mind! Read more to see how I mixed traditional holiday florals with funky faux greenery to create the perfect arrangement!

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Before beginning any arranging, I decide on a color palette. You want to be sure to mix in different colors. I wanted to incorporate tons of greenery, gold, and a pretty champagne color. Perfect for the Very Mod Pod Christmas aesthetic! Next, you want to create different heights. To accomplish this, be sure to use a variety of flowers and greenery. Finally, I decided to use the Bergen White Stoneware Vase from the shop since this arrangement will be styled in a larger space my kitchen and living room. I wanted it to leave a lasting impression!

#1 Start with your tallest stem...

First, start with your tallest stem. I chose to use Faux Pampas Grass from the shop. It is the perfect way to add height but also consistent with the festive theme throughout my home!

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#2 Mix in fresh florals...

Next, mix in your fresh holiday florals. I used Black Calla Lillies, White Lillies, and Magnolia Leaves. These florals create contrast and texture in the arrangement.

#3 Fill in the gaps...

Lastly, fill in the gaps with festive faux greenery. I used our Glitter Pine Cone Pick's. They were so easy to incorporate and brought in a touch of sparkle. Using faux greenery is the easiest way to make your arrangement last a little longer and appear fuller.

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Still, need some inspiration? Below, I break down step-by-step how to assemble a beautiful floral arrangement!

I hope you are able to apply these trips and tricks to your own arrangements this holiday season. You can shop all of my favorite holiday greenery, and vases on Happy holidays!





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