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Megan Molten x Garland Bags

I’m so excited to finally announce the launch of my collaboration with Garland Bags! This collection is a union of my two favorite things in this world: fashion and interior design. Oftentimes when flipping through fabric swatches for a client, the fashionista side of my brain starts to take over and I imagine these textiles beyond the realm of upholstery, pillow coverings, and wallpaper! It was such a treat for me to be able to lean into this exploration and create my own line of clutches using fabrics inspired by some of our most recent projects. 

Working with Lindsay and her team to create this collection was so exciting. We were even able to see some of the clutches alongside the upholstery that inspired each piece– talk about a full circle moment! So much of my job as a designer is to visualize the potential of a pattern before selecting it for a project. This goes well beyond the walls of an interior design project … we were able to expand our horizons to imagine these fabrics as wearable pieces as well!

Check out the inspiration behind these bags and see the prints that started it all:

What makes this collection so special is not only the merging of my two passions, but also how unique each piece is from the fabric down to the hardware. Each clutch can be customized with different hardware options to make the bag totally your own.

One of my favorite pieces from the collection is the clutch made from a repurposed vintage designer scarf. It’s so important to me to give new life to these fabric selections and I absolutely adore how everything came out.

I’ve been test driving the pieces around town lately and I am thrilled that you all are now able to shop the collection and incorporate these patterns into your own wardrobe!

Thank you to the Garland Bags team for the opportunity to collaborate, and thank you all for following along with the release. Shop my entire collection here and check out some pieces we have in store too!


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