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Project Reveal: The Megan Molten Office

This year has been crazy busy in the best way. The dream team has nearly doubled, we have taken on several new projects, and the shop is busier than ever. I am so thankful! With all the growth we decided to move Hugh's office across the parking lot into the warehouse and I have taken over the space. I am so excited to share all the details of my new office...

Image Details: Tap to see before the renovation.

While I was away on vacation this Summer my team pulled the renovation off in two weeks- I couldn't believe it! The room was transformed from a mod masculine space to feminine and chic. I wanted my office to be comfortable and inviting. Plenty of seating, storage, and lighting was essential.

Image Details: Shop the look.

When selecting furniture and accessories for my office I wanted to use as much from the shop as possible! It truly has become one of my favorite spaces, I hope y'all love it as much as I do. xx, Megan


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