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Spring High Point Market: Design Team's POV

The Design team looks forward to High Point Market just as much as I do! Typically, they will spend a couple of days exploring as a team. During the trip, I receive lots of messages asking about trends and vendors. I have rounded up your most asked questions and held a mini-interview with one of our designers, Cameron! Details below...

Trends you are seeing?

Exploration of shape. Tons of round coffee and side tables. Everything Modern is having a moment! Inside a lot of the vignettes, we would see antiques and modern pieces mixed creating a fun juxtaposition.

Favorite trend?

Texture. Boucles, shaved wools, and feathered fabrics. So much texture is being incorporated through not just accessories but furniture too.

What popular design elements are on their way out?

The all-white look. From the paint on the walls to the wood used in a space. Everything is turning warmer and giving a more soothing feel.

Design elements that are coming back?

Warm woods, wallpaper, and printed lampshades. Warm woods are being incorporated rather than stark white. Wallpaper is being used in all spaces to bring in dimension and texture. Printed lampshades paired with modern, organic bases.

Color trend?

Hues of green, wine tones, burgundy, richer moodier colors, and jewel tones.

Pattern trend?

Highly textured materials are being used to upholster and as wall coverings.

Favorite showroom?


It is a very different and specific look. It was a very unique aesthetic that stood out.

Something surprising you saw?

Totem poles! They are being used as a sculptural accessory in all types of spaces.

Tip for someone making their first trip to Highpoint market?

Plan a very detailed itinerary based on the locations of showrooms. Getting a chance to see all these different styles in the same building is something you can't find anywhere else.



From large scale renovations to one room makeovers, the design team at Megan Molten loves to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional for our clients to enjoy for years to come.


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