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Spring High Point Market: Megan's POV

I look forward to High Point every year! Typically I will only make it to the fall market- having the chance to go to the Spring market was a treat. This year a goal of mine is to visit more markets and go to ones I typically don't have the chance to. Sourcing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for my clients and the shop is so important.

High Point can be extremely intimidating! There are so many vendors and stunning accessories to shop for. I always go in with a game plan! My priority was sourcing new accessories for the shop. I wanted to find pieces that fit the Lowcountry luxe aesthetic my shoppers love but with a modern flair. Expect more organic shapes, pops of color, and statement accessories in the Megan Molten Shop.

Accessories from High Point Market

I leave High Point Market every year feeling so inspired. Getting the opportunity to see all the stunning vignettes gives me so many ideas for design clients. Below I break down some of the trends I noticed:

Mod Movement

Dark and dramatic colors, geometric details, and pops of vibrant colors; I saw in accessories and accent furniture. This trend excites me as a designer. It pushes me to think outside the box! Steering away from all-white interiors and selections.

Stone Selections

From coffee tables to lighting and accessories- I saw stone finishes on everything, everywhere. This I love! It makes any space feel so luxurious.

Earthy Finishes

Natural finishes and tones are here to stay. Earthy colors and woven materials such as Rattan are being used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

I am already counting down the weeks until the next market. I hope sharing this little bit of my High Point experience leaves you feeling inspired!

xx, Megan



From large scale renovations to one room makeovers, the design team at Megan Molten loves to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional for our clients to enjoy for years to come.


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