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Styling Your Bar Space at Home

I try to host and entertain in my home whenever I can! Over time, I have learned it is so important to take time to style your bar area. Elevating the space with stunning glassware and funky accessories makes your happy hour at home feel luxurious.

Whether you're working with open shelves, a bar cart, or simply a countertop space. I have broken down all my styling tips to create a fun at-home cocktail experience.

Open Concept Shelving

Photography: Margaret Wright

Clients will always tell me styling open shelves can be tricky, and they don't know where to start. I adore how they look but you have to be mindful about what you arrange on the shelves. You want it to look beautiful but also functional. First, begin with the glassware you love while keeping the color palette in mind. My favored glass is anything from the Bandol collection we have at the Megan Molten Shop! Then mix in small bowls, pitchers, and faux greenery. Grouping similar accessories keeps things looking balanced.

Countertop Styling

You might not have an entire shelf or space to dedicate to a bar- that is okay! Storing your glassware in cabinets to keep the clutter to a minimum is what I recommend. Start with a tray or small stand to place your bar accessories on top of. Then I include a couple of things; pretty decanters, a bottle opener, a cocktail shaker, and a shot glass is all you need. Simple! I typically will incorporate accessories of various heights and sizes to create interest.

Bar Cart

Bar Carts are so much fun to style because the sole purpose is to create a beautiful place for all your entertainment essentials. It is the perfect space to show a bit of your personality. I love to mix pretty glassware and bar accessories with small books that bring in a pop of color. Stacking decorative object's you treasure and adding a small faux plant. As I mentioned before, to create a variation of height transforming the tiny space.

I hope this blog provided some inspiration to tackle your bar space. Below are my favorite entertainment essentials from -perfect for your next at-home happy hour. Cheers! xx, Megan




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